Are Truetone power supplies Carbon Free?

“CarbonFree” is a trademark of, which is a non-profit that collects annual membership dues from individuals and businesses who want to “offset” their carbon footprint. The dues are used in part to do some good work, planting trees and even helping communities in developing countries with energy efficiency. However, we looked at their financials and decided to not participate in their programs due to what we believe is an inefficient use of funds. You can look at them here:
For a business our size, it would only cost $780 per year to use their “CarbonFree” logo in our marketing, as some other companies have done.

We also considered partnering with The Nature Conservancy, but unfortunately, their use of funds is even less efficient.

Bob Weil, the founder of Truetone, is a lifelong, self-professed nature geek. He grew up volunteering at his local Nature Center, going on trash pickup hikes, helping to create new hiking trails for The Nature Conservancy, as well as traveling for birding and other naturalist interests. Some of his original motives for inventing the first compact pedalboard power supply, the 1 SPOT, were to reduce the vast number of batteries going into the waste stream, as well as to greatly reduce the wasted energy from musicians using many 9V linear adapters, one per pedal, which used to be commonplace. The 1 SPOT changed all that for musicians around the world.

So, while Truetone is not partnering with a non-profit (some of which are quite profitable), energy conservation is at the heart of who we are and why we make the power supplies we make.