The world's first power brick with switching power supply technology.

The 1 SPOT Pro Story

“A lot of people over the years had told us that we should make a power brick. Even some of my own staff urged me to do it, but I didn’t want to for two reasons. First, I knew the 1 SPOT could power just about every pedal out there, so I didn’t see the need. Second, I didn’t want to make just another knock-off of someone else’s power brick. If we were going to make one, we were going to do it our way and have features that nobody else could offer. As pedal designs changed and it became more common for digital pedals to require isolation and for others to need something other than 9Vdc, I finally saw a reason for us to design a power brick.”

“It took 3 years and lots of experimentation, but we were finally able to design a 1 SPOT Pro, using our own proprietary technology to give musicians all the features they need for today’s pedalboards. The original 1 SPOT still works great for most musicians, but for those who need more power and versatility, the 1 SPOT Pro fills the need perfectly.” - Bob Weil

1 SPOT Pro Features (All Models)


1 SPOT Technology

1 SPOT Technology

1 SPOT Technology… what does that mean and why should I care? Technically, it’s switching power supply technology, which is very different than what anyone has ever put inside a power brick. Normally, you would find just a big transformer and a handful of small electronic components inside a power brick… old tech that hasn’t changed in decades and has a lot of limitations. We took the same triple filtered switching power supply technology found in our famous 1 SPOT and scaled it up to make the 1 SPOT Pro models. With much more space to work with, we were able to completely eliminate noise, provide total electrical isolation between outputs, create multiple voltages, and still give you the ability to use it anywhere in the world.

A major benefit of using a switching power supply is that it can handle far more current (power being pulled out of it) than any transformer-based power supply. Although we had to put power rating labels on each output to satisfy certification agencies (yes, we actually certified these, unlike most companies), the outputs can generally handle far more than the label shows. For example, you can connect a 300mA pedal to a 200mA output, without causing any problems. With a transformer-based power supply, you can’t get away with that. The important thing is to not exceed the total of all the labels. With a CS7, the output labels add up to 1900mA total. That means the total current draw of all your pedals should be less than 1900mA. That total current rating is roughly double the current load of the most common power brick, for a lot less money.

Multiple Voltages
Worldwide Voltage Input
Rugged Steel Housing
Pure Isolation
Energy Efficient

1 SPOT Pro Comparison Chart


Features CS6 CS7 CS12
Total Outputs 6 7 12
Maximum Total Current Output 1600mA 1900mA 3000mA
Total 9Vdc Outputs 6 6 9
9/12Vdc Outputs (switchable) 2 4 4
9/18Vdc Outputs (switchable) 2 - -
18Vdc Outputs - 1 2
9Vac Outputs - - 1
Variable 4-9Vdc Outputs - - 1
Mounts under Pedaltrain Nano/Metro (flat boards)
Mounts under Pedaltrain Jr., PT2 and Pro boards
Comes with Pedaltrain mounting brackets *
Dimensions 6.3" x 3.46" x 1.2" 5.5" x 3.37" x 2.0" 8.12" x 3.37" x 2.0"
Weight 1.3 lbs. 1.3 lbs. 2.35 lbs.
* The low-profile CS6 can mount under almost any pedalboard without using brackets.

CS7 Photos

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CS7 Specs




5.5” x 3.37” x 2” (140 x 86 x 50mm); 1.31 lbs. (592 grams) - weight and dimensions of power supply only, not including cables or packaging.

Input Voltage
Available Output Voltages
Pedaltrain Mounting Brackets
Can The 1 SPOT Pro Power My Pedal


Why A Power Brick Like The 1 SPOT Pro?

Pedaltrain Mounting Tutorial


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1 SPOT Testimonials

"It's funny just how quietly the 1 SPOT Pro operates. I built my home tracking/recording pedal board recently, and when I went to plug it in, I was sure that I must have had a bad cable or something, as none of the usual background noise was present. No white noise from the drives, no throb from my tremolo pedal, and no wah noise when engaged. I grabbed my guitar, plugged in, and everything worked flawlessly. It was so much quieter than my past power supply, that when I didn't hear the background noise I was used to, I thought something was wrong. Nothing was wrong at all, it was just that much quieter. In fact, it was dead quiet. This is the best testament I can give for a power supply."

-Tyler Chiarelli Guitarist/Band Leader - Florida Georgia Line


"PSA for all the guitar nerds out there... I recently switched to this new power supply by Truetone effects for my home studio rig. It solved SO many noisy, power gremlins... Unreal. Power is a constant battle for us. Single coil noise and light switches and ground hum and all... Whatever this thing does, it HELPS. Plus it powers all the big stuff too. (M9, Strymon, Memory Man, etc...) Pretty knocked out by it..."

-Derek Wells, 2016 ACM Guitarist of the Year

"The 1 SPOT Pro is absolutely phenomenal! What a brilliant design."

- Jim Messina

Holy sh*t.....I bought the CS12 to replace my (redacted brand name), simply cause the Long & McQuade didn't have any (redacted brand name) stuff in stock. Never heard of 1 Spot before and I usually research the f outta things before I buy, but the sales guy gave me that look and "Nah, this is what you need".
My thoughts on the (redacted brand name) are now that it made every single pedal sound like my speaker cab was wrapped in thick plastic. The CS-12 makes everything sound like the plastic wrap was taken off. That's the only way to explain it.
I had just turned on my Friedman BE-OD when my drummer and bass player walked in and they thought I bought another new OD pedal. When I said no, just bought a new power supply, they were shocked. F***in HUGE tone outta' that thing now in the 18v spot.
Anyhow, by fluke, I ended up with a 1 Spot Pro and it's the best. Nice work my friends......

-User email received at Truetone.com

"The 1 Spot Pro is the hands-down best power supply I’ve ever purchased! I just finished up a sold-out arena tour with Tim McGraw and Faith Hill and the 1 Spot Pro took care of ALL my power needs! Plus I love the power cables that ship with it. The various lengths made for a neat and tidy pedalboard."

- Jerry McPherson

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