Andy Reiss

Andy Reiss is one of the true western swing and jazz guitar greats in Nashville and can be seen just about every Monday night with the amazing Time Jumpers. In our Truetone Lounge interview, Andy discusses his time in San Francisco during the height of the hippy movement, his move to Nashville and mentorship with Harold Bradley, and how he ended up on tours with everyone from Slim Whitman to Reba McEntire. Reiss also educates us in the traditional 1950’s-60’s guitar styles utilized by the Nashville A-Team using a 1959 ES-335, 1958 Danelectro 6-string Bass, Waterloo WL-14, and a 1941 Stromberg archtop. For good measure, he also discusses and demonstrates his 1952 Les Paul, incredibly rare blond 1966 Barney Kessel Custom, and his 1964 Fender Pro amp.

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