Thank you Bob Weil and all the staff at Truetone. I finally got around to trying the 1Spot combo I won in the 50K giveaway and it is the BEST POWER SUPPLY EVER!

Not only does it power all my pedals, but most importantly, it didn’t add any extra noise to the line. If I hadn’t known the 1Spot was connected, I would have thought I was running all my pedals on batteries like I’ve been forced to for the past few years.

I have an older house, and as such the ground in the wiring is not always done the way it should be, resulting in a lot of noise in my rig. The 1Spot is the first power supply that did not add extra noise to my rig. I cannot thank you guys enough. One of my pet peeves is a noisy rig and while I’ve learned to accept a certain amount of noise because it will cost me thousands of dollars and require gutting the walls of my house, the one aspect I could control is the noise added by a crappy power supply – The 1Spot will be part of my rig permanently. 🙂

-Tyler Godfrey