Truetone Rocks! I called yesterday with a question about my new 1 Spot and imagine my surprise when the phone was immediately answered by a real human being! What? No jumping through hoops of endless “for this press one, for that press two, for something else please hold” None of that with you guys! The gentleman that took my call had my problem solved within less than a minute! I was in so much of a state of shock that I forgot to ask his name! But anyway…thanks again! It’s so refreshing to deal with people that really take care of business and actually know about their products! The only way that you could possibly do any better would be if you could talk my wife into getting me a Route 808 for my birthday…but I don’t suppose you work miracles…or do you? Seriously though thanks so much for your help. I will recommend Truetone  to everyone.

– Rod T.