I’m a new Truetone customer as of yesterday. Here’s my story: I spent the afternoon with 5 different overdrive/distortion pedals with the goal of selecting the best to use with my amp. I purposely avoided knowing the cost of each pedal so that my final decision would be based on nothing more than tone. The pedals were as follows:

Fulltone OCD
Radial Timode
Homebrew Big D
Homebrew Germacide
Truetone Jekyll & Hyde
After about an hour of testing, it was clear that the J&H was the pedal for me. Having the OD and distortion in one pedal is perfect; the Bass Boost and Blunt switches helped me get the exact sounds that I was looking for. I used the pedal at rehearsal last night and the other guitarist in my band was so blown away that he purchased his own J&H this afternoon!
– Joe M.