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I’ve just returned from a tour of duty in Iraq. I’m a musician and I really like your products. I even had one of your 1-SPOT’s with me in Iraq. Like me, it survived also. It was going thru a 220 converter that you have to run everything thru over there. Though it was pretty beat up, it made it.

– Craig

I recently sent back a broken Route 66 to be replaced or repaired. I wanted to thank you and your company for some of the most excellent customer support I’ve encountered yet. I was called back immediately and received my pedal back on the day I asked for – all with the most positive and polite demeanor. Thanks so much! I enthusiastically recommend your products to others for the quality of sound and sturdy build… but most of all for the prompt and professional attitude of your company! Many thanks!

– Raleigh G.

I thought I would share this little experience with you. When I was considering a new overdrive pedal to place in my rig, I went to a music store in Nashville (one of the big stores) to try out the Jekyll & Hyde. I actually sat down with the Jekyll & Hyde and the handwired Ibanez TS808(retail $349), Fender Strat and a Fender Twin. I set both of them as close as I possibly could to sound the same, gain, EQ, etc. As people would walk by I would play a riff on each and ask them to tell me which one they liked the best. After 15 people I stopped. All 15 picked the Jekyll & Hyde pedal. Needless to say, I had done decided on the J&H anyway, but it is reassuring to know other people like it too. Thanks again for a great overdrive….

– Dale

I bought my daughter a Jekyll & Hyde pedal for her 16th birthday. I got it from Music Park here in Perth. We tried many pedals before settling on your product. Sarah has been playing for 18 months and decided she needed to add some “grunt” to her sound as she is playing in a three piece band. She plays mostly rock and classic rock and her Jekyll & Hyde has certainly done the job. Sarah knew the sound she was looking for and it only took 10min to nail it. It’s a great product, and an excellent value. You can’t ask for anything more. As you are a family man, Bob, I’m sure you can appreciate the importance of encouraging your kids to pursue their dreams. Jekyll & Hyde has given Sarah a real kick along as far as her playing is concerned. Thanks so much.

– Steve J. (Australia)

Dear Bob,
I want to write and thank you for making a mediocre guitarist sound extraordinary. Since I began gigging with your pedals, especially the Route 66, I’ve received endless compliments about my tone. At almost every gig other guitarists will ask to see my setup. This has led me to make a small request of you. PLEASE STOP SELLING YOUR PEDALS! If the secret gets out, then everyone will sound this good and once again I will be mediocre. Seriously, you have created the best sounding pedal I’ve ever had the fortune of playing. Thank you for putting the tools in the hands of us weekend warriors that allow us to sound like, and sometimes better than, the pros.

– Woodie W.

“Just got my Jekyll and Hyde out of the box. By far the BEST distortion/overdrive ever. Haven’t even really had that much time to tweak it and it already sounds 100 times better than any pedal I’ve ever spent hours and hours tweaking. I think I just became brand loyal.”   – Blake T.

Hey Guys, just wanted to let you know that I love the products you are putting on the market. I have run a Route 66 and Drive Train for a sew years and love the tone and quailty of the pedals. But in the last month I pick up a tap delay and my mind has been blown. This is the best pedal I have heard hands down. Its consistent all the way thru the repeats and has great fetures. I seriously believe you could use the slongan “The only pedal that makes you sound like a better guitar player than you really are” on this thing. This is an AMAZING pedal!!!. I can see myself running anything but Truetone products anymore. Keep up the GREAT work.


I bought an H20 over the weekend and I LOVE it! Over the last 15 years of playing, I’ve gone through the whole cycle of analog, then digital, then modeling, and now… I’m back to analog. I absolutely love the chorus on the H20, especially the “lush” setting. The analog voicing on the delay is outstanding.

At the same time, I tried out the Route 66, and my desire to keep my marriage intact prevented me from buying it at the same time. I love the way it sounds, and the bass boost is awesome and the compressor blows me away. It’s next on my list.

– Mike R.

I called just a couple of days ago and left a message to please send me a replacement box for my Jekyll & Hyde. I received a phone call back immediately the very next day. Your Customer Service rep was a true professional in every way — friendly and helpful. Before buying your merchandise I read and read all the wonderful things musicians have said about your company and your products. They mentioned how impressive your customer service was. Yes… this did make my choice easier. There are many competitors and effects out there… so, why choose you? You know how to treat customers and deliver a quality product at the same time.

– Alfonso C.

Just writing this email to you as I am testing the Dual Tap Delay out…
Dude… this delay is the mother of all delays.. Not only sound wise but the ease of use!!- blue Leds also give it extra
points! It’s really made a difference in my tone.. I had the Boss DD5 on the end of my chain for the longest time and
I have to say the difference in clarity was immediately noticeable..
Wow.. just wanted to say you did an awesome job!

Andrew (Hong Kong)

Hi Bob,
You never cease to amaze me with your customer service/support. Business schools should study you when teaching students how to run a business. I can’t tell you how glad I am that I bought your pedals. I will continue to buy whatever you put out. Thanks for everything.

– Jason C.

I purchased a Route 66 pedal from your Italian distributor, those great guys at G&E Musiclab. I write you to say how really happy this pedal has made me. I play a Fender Strat and an Italian guitar, Eko Cobra, equipped with two Seymour Duncan P90’s. My amp is a 1965 Fender Twin Reverb. I now have a wonderful sound and I wanted to share this with you and say thanks a lot!

– Marco M. (Italy)

OK… these pedals live in my pedalboard already…
I’ve been soooooo busy here in LA haven’t had time other than today in Anaheim to incorporate these wonderful pedals into my rig… but man, they are KILLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Jekyll & Hyde are my crunch AND solo patches from here on…
Thanks so much and Keith has his set of Truetone pedals…Thanks so much!

Chris Rodriguez (on tour with Keith Urban)

I just thought I would drop an e-mail and let you guys know how pleased I am with your Jekyll & Hyde creation! I lead worship at a church in the San Diego area and it has always been a struggle keeping stage volumes in check, while still retaining the integrity of the tone I was after. After many modded TS9 and Blues Driver combinations, the Jekyll & Hyde does everything, especially with the channels combined. I am a single channel amp fan and this thing sings through both my Pro Junior and Reverend Hellhound.

Thanks and I wish you the best of luck!

– Matt

Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful pedal the Jekyll and Hyde is. I’ve used it now for quite a number of years and almost feel proud to have used it before you guys got so well known. My buddy at church just purchased a Jekyll and Hyde, as well. Many people like to comment on my pedal and how they’d like to “slide into home plate”. Guess it is shaped like home plate, huh? Anyways, I love the tone, the buffered bypass, the
versatility, and the ease and durability! It’s lasted me a good 4-5 years now! Works great for when I’m helping out with worship music.

From: Dave F

Dear Mr. Weil,
I am the proud owner of your Jekyll & Hyde pedal for a couple of days now and couldn’t be happier with the sound it produces. My friend bought it in Germany and brought it to me. If you ever make a Fuzz pedal, I’ll buy it immediately. Until then… my setup is now complete and I’m happy! Oh yes, the 1 SPOT works flawlessly, too.

– Igor M. (Serbia and Montenegro)

I was looking for a replacement for my Line 6 Dm4 pedal, which I liked but never used live due to its bulkiness. I couldn’t have been more pleased to discover the H2O! The biggest surprise for me was how much I liked the chorus (and I hate chorus normally)! The quality of the Leslie-simulations I could dial in immediately made my phaser and vibrato pedals obsolete.

– Simon S.

I have been using the Jekyll & Hyde overdrive as my main overdrive pedal for about 6 years. I have also used the Jekyll & Hyde a ton when I play on other peoples records as well. For me there’s no better overdrive/distortion pedal than the Jekyll & Hyde.

– Tyler Burkum (on tour with Matt Kearney)

I recently researched and purchased my first two Truetone pedals, the H20 and the Route 66. They are the best pedals I’ve ever owned. Not only is the craftsmanship superb, the sound is even better. Each pair of effects compliments each other. Because of your love and dedication to music (and a lot of hard work), the guitar community is greatly benefiting. Thank you. If only other music companies had the same commitment to quality and customer service as you… If you haven’t guessed… I’m a Truetone Fan! Thanks for everything.

– Kyle W.

I’ve been using your Route 66 for years now. Recently bought an H2O and just wish I hadn’t waited so long. Anyone who says this pedal doesn’t cover the waterfront is nuts. Warm, real sounding and, most important, easy to use. I’m eBaying the Echo Park and DanEcho.

– Joe C.

There is no doubt in my mind that your company has the BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE I’ve ever dealt with. I have a Route 66 pedal that I got 3 years ago and the overdrive part went out. I e-mailed your company yesterday and your support walked me through the fix. I’ve had many other companies (not just in the music business) tell me, “Oh, well”. He stayed right there with me through quite a few e-mails and made sure everything ended up good. Gotta go, I’m running out to get an H2O pedal!

– Eric L.

Your Visual Volume is without a doubt the best active volume pedal out there! Can’t tell you how handy it has been as pure-sounding signal splitter too! Thanks for a solid, long-throw volume that keeps kicking butt!

– Justin Oscar Cary via Facebook

Hope all is well in Spring Hill! I came across a discussion and demos of the VS-XO by Thurston Ford on the Telecaster Discussion Page (TDPRI). After checking out the specs and additional videos on your website, I had my dealer here in Memphis, Martin Music order the pedal for me. I have to tell you it is a home run. I have never come across a dual pedal that did not have a compromise somewhere. The VS-XO is everything I hoped it would be. Two very useful channels, useful features, low noise floor and most of all–very useful tones. I especially like the fact that you can run both sides together and still get useful sounds. Keep up the good work.

-Hal (Memphis, TN)

I can get a great ‘Hammond B3′ sound using this, and I’m sure there are other goodies to be found, as well. But even better, when I had a little problem with the pedal (a chip went out, as they do) your support arranged to have a part flown out to me, with instructions etc., etc., etc. All in really quick time… and I had bought the pedal second-hand!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can’t get better than that.

– Peter R. (Australia)

Truetone Rocks! I called yesterday with a question about my new 1 Spot and imagine my surprise when the phone was immediately answered by a real human being! What? No jumping through hoops of endless “for this press one, for that press two, for something else please hold” None of that with you guys! The gentleman that took my call had my problem solved within less than a minute! I was in so much of a state of shock that I forgot to ask his name! But anyway…thanks again! It’s so refreshing to deal with people that really take care of business and actually know about their products! The only way that you could possibly do any better would be if you could talk my wife into getting me a Route 808 for my birthday…but I don’t suppose you work miracles…or do you? Seriously though thanks so much for your help. I will recommend Truetone  to everyone.

– Rod T.

Hey guys… I picked up the H20 the other day and wanted to let you know what an outstanding product it is. One thing I’ve hated about most delays was how “sterile” they can sound. Not this thing, it’s warm and smooth. I purchased this pedal because of the service I received when I was having problems with my Jekyll & Hyde. I feel that if you provide this level of service you need to be reminded that this causes customer loyalty, which is a very rare thing these days. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

– Armourman

I’m a new Truetone customer as of yesterday. Here’s my story: I spent the afternoon with 5 different overdrive/distortion pedals with the goal of selecting the best to use with my amp. I purposely avoided knowing the cost of each pedal so that my final decision would be based on nothing more than tone. The pedals were as follows:

Fulltone OCD
Radial Timode
Homebrew Big D
Homebrew Germacide
Truetone Jekyll & Hyde
After about an hour of testing, it was clear that the J&H was the pedal for me. Having the OD and distortion in one pedal is perfect; the Bass Boost and Blunt switches helped me get the exact sounds that I was looking for. I used the pedal at rehearsal last night and the other guitarist in my band was so blown away that he purchased his own J&H this afternoon!
– Joe M.

From an interview with Johnny Lang in the September/October 2006 issue of Christian Musician Magazine:

CM: Are you using any kind of pedals?
JL: Yeah, I use a Route 66. I think he’s a Christian.
CM: That’s Bob Weil of Truetone, who makes the Route 66 analog overdrive pedal. Bob is a brother in the Lord and a good friend of this magazine.
JL: Yeah, man, so I use that for my “lead sound”…

I purchased your Jekyll & Hyde pedal not long ago, and I have to tell you, you guys did an outstanding job creating this “box ‘o tone”! I have gone through different amps and many stomp boxes looking for both the perfect overdrive and the oh-so-right distortion… and this pedal NAILS both square in the face! I can get anything from a channel boost without tonal change, to mellow jazz, ballsy blues, and distortion that make most pedals run away. All in all, it’s the best pedal of its kind I’ve ever had the joy of experiencing. You also seem to have kept in the “working man’s” budget. For the money I paid I would have gotten one pedal and a pack of strings… if I were lucky.
– Corbin W.

Your 1 SPOT power supply has made all of this so much easier to do, I almost feel guilty about it. The 1 SPOT powers my Jekyll & Hyde, my Boss tuner, and both my Sansamp Classic and my Sansamp Acoustic DI. I set up and break it down faster and I have three fewer wall warts to lug around.

– Chris O.

I recently purchased a brand new H2O from Long & McQuade in Stratford, Ontario and all I can say is YeeeeeeeeeeeeeeHaw! This is the best “bang for the buck” that I have ever invested in musical equipment in my 37 years of pro and now semi-pro gigging. In closing, I’d like to say that I bought my H2O without ever trying it beforehand based on the idea of the 2 for 1 unit and the few sound clips that I heard as they immediately caught my ear. I’ve already decided to buy the Route 66 to add to my sonic arsenal and will probably get a Visual Volume, as well, to round out the set. Did I mention that I got a 1-SPOT as well? Now I’ll have to sell all my stock in Duracell!
– Marvin R. (London, Ontario)

Hi Bob…
We have now had the chance to try out the pedal; and so far the vote is overwhelmingly “WOW”! I had two hours with them yesterday and found the H20 to be extremely deep and lush. I was blown away by the multiplicity of possible CRUNCH/OVERDRIVE options on the Jekyll & Hyde. The overtones are fantastic. They were introduced at the GIT “EFX” class this morning and were demo’d for about 45 students. They are now very much in-demand for check-out in our library at GIT. Bottom line… THEY’RE GREAT!

– Beth Marlis @ GIT/Musicians Institute

…by the way the Jekyll and Hyde is great!! I kept the TS’s on the board. The J&H sounds ‘different’, and I like that. Played with a Strat, into a Fender Blues Deville 4 x 10, it can get downright scary. I think this is the most versatile OD/Dist pedal I’ve ever encountered. They seem to be lumped in the “workingman’s” class, but I believe they can hold their own with Menatone, Maxon, and other “boutique” OD/Distortion pedals, and that’s where the comparison should be.

– Jim C.

Hello Truetone Guys!
I just wanted to drop you and note and say THANKS for making such wonderful products. I’m the proud owner of both the H20 and Route 66. Words fail me to describe my pleasure with these pedals. And your 1 SPOT is functioning without any hiccups. I received my Route 66 pedal yesterday and I can’t quit playing with it. (Ok, I did collapse about 2 a.m. from exhaustion, but awoke soon after to continue jamming… JOY! JOY! JOY!)

– Jim P.

I really love the Jekyll & Hyde a lot! Thanks for spending time with me the other day and replacing my 1-SPOT! I also really enjoyed test driving the new pedals and amps. You’ve got yourself some real winners on your hands. Very cool.

– Brent Wilson (on tour w/Andy Griggs)

About 2 months ago I bought the Jekyll & Hyde pedal and now I can say only: WONDERFUL…..!!!!!!! It is the best overdrive/distortion on this planet. Thanks to all, Truetone guys.
– Corrado M. (Italy)

Thank you Bob Weil and all the staff at Truetone. I finally got around to trying the 1Spot combo I won in the 50K giveaway and it is the BEST POWER SUPPLY EVER!

Not only does it power all my pedals, but most importantly, it didn’t add any extra noise to the line. If I hadn’t known the 1Spot was connected, I would have thought I was running all my pedals on batteries like I’ve been forced to for the past few years.

I have an older house, and as such the ground in the wiring is not always done the way it should be, resulting in a lot of noise in my rig. The 1Spot is the first power supply that did not add extra noise to my rig. I cannot thank you guys enough. One of my pet peeves is a noisy rig and while I’ve learned to accept a certain amount of noise because it will cost me thousands of dollars and require gutting the walls of my house, the one aspect I could control is the noise added by a crappy power supply – The 1Spot will be part of my rig permanently. 🙂

-Tyler Godfrey

Bob and R.G.,
Does RG Keen get the Wow Award factor for the Truetone’s monster clean? I put my Truetone at the front end of a Blues Jr -pushing really hard (A1 – 5751) and keeping the power amp master volume turned way down (highest gain on PreAmp available – but holding back the distortion through reduced Master volume). ——-the results were an enormous thick creamy tube sound..with..Lots of interesting dynamics leaping from the AMP…… What is happening there?
Is this a deep saturation of the plates? It isn’t distorted – but deeply rich!
Thanks Truetone!

– Brian H.

Hey there! Just bought your Oil Can Phaser on sight! I heard someone playing it in a store and said I MUST have that pedal ! It’s got THE perfect David Gilmour sound from 1974 when they were test driving “Dogs” or “You’ve Got To Be Crazy” as it was known then with different lyrics. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this pedal !!!!!! And in true fashion I am going to be checking out on replacing some of my other pedals with Truetone products! Totally blown away by the Phaser pedal ! Cheers on making an awesome pedal ! Keep it up !!!!

– Duke G.

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