The Distortion channel of Jekyll & Hyde has changed with the new V2 Series version in a couple of ways. However, it can be made to sound exactly like the old flat-top version if you want it to.
Here are the changes:

1) The V2 Series version has noise reduction in the Distortion channel. This can be turned off inside the pedal with a mini-slide switch, although most people leave it on as it does not choke off the sound, but does eliminate white-noise.

2) We added a Bass trim pot inside the pedal where there used to be a fixed resistor for the Bass level on the Distortion channel. The Bass trim pot comes from the factory cranked all the way up, where the resistor in the old model would be equivalent to the Bass trim pot being turned down almost all the way. Since this is part of a passive tone stack, it changes the overall sound a bit in addition to the Bass level. However, since it’s now a trim pot, you can adjust it to whatever you like.

3) The Mid knob has replaced the EQ knob. In reality, they are exactly the same, except that we reversed the taper on the pot so that it now goes from minimum mids to maximum mids. In the old pedal, it was rather counter-intuitive, going from max mids (at the minimum knob setting) to minimum mids.

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