V2 Van’s Warped Distortion (LE)


Vans Warped Distortion (LE)

Truetone has partnered with the Warped Tour to create a limited edition guitar effect pedal, the Vans Warped Distortion. With appropriately named knobs like Grind, Edge, and Loud (translation: Drive, Tone, Volume…), the Vans Warped Distortion is totally geared towards Warped Tour inspired guitarists. With grinding low-end distortion, it will make you just want to turn all the knobs to “10” and let it rip. Truetone has put all the road-tested features of their renowned V2 Series pedals into the Warped Distortion, so you won’t ever have to worry about it dying on you in the middle of a gig.

The staff of Vans and the Warped Tour were stoked when Truetone brought this pedal to them. So many bands on the Warped Tour use Truetone products, so it was a natural fit. As a result, Truetone has been authorized to produce only 500 of the Vans Warped Distortion pedals. The pedal looks and sounds amazing too, so get your’s while you can!

Dimensions: 3″ x 5 11/16 (78 x 144mm)
Current Draw: 7-14mA

Note: All dimensions are approximate maximum dimensions. Current draw is shown from bypass to channel(s) on.