V2 Comp 66


Comp 66

As a part of its V2 Series of pedals, Truetone has re-created its original Compressor now in a single pedal called Comp 66. As soon as the Route 66 pedal came out in 1999, Truetone  started getting request upon request for the compressor channel to be made into a single pedal. Well here it is! This effect pedal can sound like the vintage Dyna Comp or Ross compressor only much more versatile. Having a Tone Control knob (which can be turned on or off) and a clean-boost pre-amp controlled by the Gain knob, the Comp 66 is a powerhouse of compression. But not only does it sound good…it’s as quiet as a church mouse!

Works great on bass too!

Dimensions: 3″ x 5 11/16″ (78 x 144mm)
Current Draw: 11-12mAa
Note: All dimensions are approximate maximum dimensions. Current draw is shown from bypass to channel(s) on.