The Hubcap Speaker Grill

Hubcap on Pony Amp

Have you ever noticed that all guitar speakers are highly directional? Stand directly in front of any amp, with your ears at speaker level, and you’ll get blasted by treble. Walk two steps to the right or left and it sounds like a blanket just got thrown over your amp. Not so with the Hubcap, originally designed for the Visual Sound Workhorse amps.

The Hubcap blocks those nasty ice-pick highs from the center of every guitar speaker and takes all the good full range sound and spreads it out almost 180 degrees. Yes, it really does that. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

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You may have to remove your existing grill cloth or cut a 3″ cross pattern in the center of the grill cloth in order for the Hubcap to fit over the speaker, as there is a cone protruding from the back of the Hubcap.

Fan Mail

Your 1 SPOT power supply has made all of this so much easier to do, I almost feel guilty about it. The 1 SPOT powers my Jekyll & Hyde, my Boss tuner, and both my Sansamp Classic and my Sansamp Acoustic DI. I set up and break it down faster and I have three fewer wall warts to lug around. – Chris O.

“Just got my Jekyll and Hyde out of the box. By far the BEST distortion/overdrive ever. Haven’t even really had that much time to tweak it and it already sounds 100 times better than any pedal I’ve ever spent hours and hours tweaking. I think I just became brand loyal.”   – Blake T.

I purchased a Route 66 pedal from your Italian distributor, those great guys at G&E Musiclab. I write you to say how really happy this pedal has made me. I play a Fender Strat and an Italian guitar, Eko Cobra, equipped with two Seymour Duncan P90’s. My amp is a 1965 Fender Twin Reverb. I now have a wonderful sound and I wanted to share this with you and say thanks a lot! – Marco M. (Italy)

I can get a great ‘Hammond B3′ sound using this, and I’m sure there are other goodies to be found, as well. But even better, when I had a little problem with the pedal (a chip went out, as they do) your support arranged to have a part flown out to me, with instructions etc., etc., etc. All in really quick time… and I had bought the pedal second-hand!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can’t get better than that. – Peter R. (Australia)

Just writing this email to you as I am testing the Dual Tap Delay out… Dude… this delay is the mother of all delays.. Not only sound wise but the ease of use!!- blue Leds also give it extra points! It’s really made a difference in my tone.. I had the Boss DD5 on the end of my chain for the longest time and I have to say the difference in clarity was immediately noticeable.. Wow.. just wanted to say you did an awesome job! Andrew (Hong Kong)