The Hubcap Speaker Grill

Hubcap on Pony Amp

Have you ever noticed that all guitar speakers are highly directional? Stand directly in front of any amp, with your ears at speaker level, and you’ll get blasted by treble. Walk two steps to the right or left and it sounds like a blanket just got thrown over your amp. Not so with the Hubcap, originally designed for the Visual Sound Workhorse amps.

The Hubcap blocks those nasty ice-pick highs from the center of every guitar speaker and takes all the good full range sound and spreads it out almost 180 degrees. Yes, it really does that. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

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You may have to remove your existing grill cloth or cut a 3″ cross pattern in the center of the grill cloth in order for the Hubcap to fit over the speaker, as there is a cone protruding from the back of the Hubcap.

Fan Mail

I really love the Jekyll & Hyde a lot! Thanks for spending time with me the other day and replacing my 1-SPOT! I also really enjoyed test driving the new pedals and amps. You’ve got yourself some real winners on your hands. Very cool. – Brent Wilson (on tour w/Andy Griggs)

I can get a great ‘Hammond B3′ sound using this, and I’m sure there are other goodies to be found, as well. But even better, when I had a little problem with the pedal (a chip went out, as they do) your support arranged to have a part flown out to me, with instructions etc., etc., etc. All in really quick time… and I had bought the pedal second-hand!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can’t get better than that. – Peter R. (Australia)

I bought an H20 over the weekend and I LOVE it! Over the last 15 years of playing, I’ve gone through the whole cycle of analog, then digital, then modeling, and now… I’m back to analog. I absolutely love the chorus on the H20, especially the “lush” setting. The analog voicing on the delay is outstanding. At the same time, I tried out the Route 66, and my desire to keep my marriage intact prevented me from buying it at the same time. I love the way it sounds, and the bass boost is awesome and the compressor blows me away. It’s next on my list. – Mike R.

I called just a couple of days ago and left a message to please send me a replacement box for my Jekyll & Hyde. I received a phone call back immediately the very next day. Your Customer Service rep was a true professional in every way — friendly and helpful. Before buying your merchandise I read and read all the wonderful things musicians have said about your company and your products. They mentioned how impressive your customer service was. Yes… this did make my choice easier. There are many competitors and effects out there… so, why choose you? You know how to treat customers and deliver a quality product at the same time. – Alfonso C.

Hey Guys, just wanted to let you know that I love the products you are putting on the market. I have run a Route 66 and Drive Train for a sew years and love the tone and quailty of the pedals. But in the last month I pick up a tap delay and my mind has been blown. This is the best pedal I have heard hands down. Its consistent all the way thru the repeats and has great fetures. I seriously believe you could use the slongan “The only pedal that makes you sound like a better guitar player than you really are” on this thing. This is an AMAZING pedal!!!. I can see myself running anything but Truetone products anymore. Keep up the GREAT work. Josh