The Hubcap Speaker Grill

Hubcap on Pony Amp

Have you ever noticed that all guitar speakers are highly directional? Stand directly in front of any amp, with your ears at speaker level, and you’ll get blasted by treble. Walk two steps to the right or left and it sounds like a blanket just got thrown over your amp. Not so with the Hubcap, originally designed for the Visual Sound Workhorse amps.

The Hubcap blocks those nasty ice-pick highs from the center of every guitar speaker and takes all the good full range sound and spreads it out almost 180 degrees. Yes, it really does that. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

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You may have to remove your existing grill cloth or cut a 3″ cross pattern in the center of the grill cloth in order for the Hubcap to fit over the speaker, as there is a cone protruding from the back of the Hubcap.

Fan Mail

Hope all is well in Spring Hill! I came across a discussion and demos of the VS-XO by Thurston Ford on the Telecaster Discussion Page (TDPRI). After checking out the specs and additional videos on your website, I had my dealer here in Memphis, Martin Music order the pedal for me. I have to tell you it is a home run. I have never come across a dual pedal that did not have a compromise somewhere. The VS-XO is everything I hoped it would be. Two very useful channels, useful features, low noise floor and most of all–very useful tones. I especially like the fact that you can run both sides together and still get useful sounds. Keep up the good work. -Hal (Memphis, TN)

There is no doubt in my mind that your company has the BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE I’ve ever dealt with. I have a Route 66 pedal that I got 3 years ago and the overdrive part went out. I e-mailed your company yesterday and your support walked me through the fix. I’ve had many other companies (not just in the music business) tell me, “Oh, well”. He stayed right there with me through quite a few e-mails and made sure everything ended up good. Gotta go, I’m running out to get an H2O pedal! – Eric L.

I thought I would share this little experience with you. When I was considering a new overdrive pedal to place in my rig, I went to a music store in Nashville (one of the big stores) to try out the Jekyll & Hyde. I actually sat down with the Jekyll & Hyde and the handwired Ibanez TS808(retail $349), Fender Strat and a Fender Twin. I set both of them as close as I possibly could to sound the same, gain, EQ, etc. As people would walk by I would play a riff on each and ask them to tell me which one they liked the best. After 15 people I stopped. All 15 picked the Jekyll & Hyde pedal. Needless to say, I had done decided on the J&H anyway, but it is reassuring to know other people like it too. Thanks again for a great overdrive…. – Dale

I purchased your Jekyll & Hyde pedal not long ago, and I have to tell you, you guys did an outstanding job creating this “box ‘o tone”! I have gone through different amps and many stomp boxes looking for both the perfect overdrive and the oh-so-right distortion… and this pedal NAILS both square in the face! I can get anything from a channel boost without tonal change, to mellow jazz, ballsy blues, and distortion that make most pedals run away. All in all, it’s the best pedal of its kind I’ve ever had the joy of experiencing. You also seem to have kept in the “working man’s” budget. For the money I paid I would have gotten one pedal and a pack of strings… if I were lucky. – Corbin W.

I’ve just returned from a tour of duty in Iraq. I’m a musician and I really like your products. I even had one of your 1-SPOT’s with me in Iraq. Like me, it survived also. It was going thru a 220 converter that you have to run everything thru over there. Though it was pretty beat up, it made it. – Craig